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Affordable Cabinet Installation in Charlotte, North Carolina

Cherry cabinetry

Expanding Your Storage

Cabinets are an important component of any room. If you’ve ever lived in a place with very few of them, you understand how necessary they are. They enhance a room’s appearance, increase storage space and add value to your home. Getting a professional cabinetry installation is an investment in a cleaner, more organized life.

Our Systemized Process

We want your experience to be something to look forward to. This is why our experienced team has tailored our service to fit our clients’ needs. Listed below are the three fundamental steps in our process.

Design Collaboration

Our team specializes in creating the perfect storage system for your space. We offer free design advice, ensuring that every detail is customized to improve storage and function. From picking the perfect granite backsplash to creating custom cabinetry, we help you personalize your room for optimal utility and style.

Evaluation and Materials

After you’ve chosen your ideal cabinetry, we begin the evaluation process. Every inch of your room is measured and appraised for optimal storage space. Our team also works with other vendors to get cabinets that are best suited for the structure of your property. We have a wide variety of affordable, top-quality brands, so you’ll always have the finest selection available.

Intensive Installation

Once your current cabinets have been removed, we begin our thorough installation process. Our team has over 30 years of experience expertly fitting cabinets and backsplashes. We are careful, ensuring that no damage is done to your home’s hardware, flooring or furniture.

Put Our Team to Work for You

Carolina Quality Flooring & Cabinets has been serving Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas for over three decades. Don’t settle for a building that doesn’t fit your needs. Get affordable cabinet installations from experienced renovators and enjoy spacious, stylish cabinetry for years to come.