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3 Unique Flooring Options for Your Kitchen Remodel

Contemporary Kitchen Room Interior
If you are remodeling your kitchen, you know need to strike a balance between beauty and functionality when selecting materials for your new kitchen.
The kitchen often sees a lot of use, and the flooring that you install in your remodeled kitchen can take a beating over time. You need flooring materials that are durable enough to withstand high traffic and food spills, yet beautiful enough to lend sophistication and elegance to your living space.
Ceramic or porcelain tiles, hardwood, and laminate have been used in kitchen remodels for years, making these flooring materials common in homes across the country. So if you want your kitchen remodel to stand out from the rest, try using one of these three unique flooring options instead.

1. Bamboo

If you like the look of hardwood flooring but you are worried about the impact harvesting wood can have on the environment, then bamboo floors might be the perfect option for your kitchen.
Bamboo comes in a variety of colors and grains, allowing you to customize the look of your new kitchen. Unlike hardwood, bamboo doesn't take decades to reach maturity. These trees replenish themselves quickly, so bamboo is available in vast supply.
Harvesting bamboo for flooring doesn't have a negative impact on the environment either, making bamboo flooring the go-to option for homeowners interested in eco-friendly flooring options.
Once properly installed, a bamboo floor is extremely durable and can withstand spills and traffic while still retaining its beauty.

2. Parquet

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that parquet flooring is a thing of the past. High-end hotels and homes featured in designer magazines often have parquet flooring installed.
This type of flooring is the best way to achieve a durable surface that lends a unique and interesting aesthetic to any living space. Individual parquet tiles are stained and cut prior to installation. This means that each tile in different and unique.
Tiles can be combined in a variety of patterns and shapes. No two parquet floors are alike, so you can ensure that your flooring will remain interesting and relevant throughout the years when you opt to install parquet in your new kitchen.

3. Rubber

If you want your kitchen remodel to place your home on the cutting edge of interior design, you should install rubber flooring. A rubber floor is a practical option in the kitchen.
Food preparation requires that you spend a lot of time on your feet. The soft and spongy nature of rubber floors can provide added cushioning that will help prevent fatigue while you prepare meals for your family. Rubber flooring is also extremely easy to clean, which is an asset in the kitchen where spills and crumbs often find their way onto the floor.
Thanks to modern production techniques, rubber flooring can also lend a unique aesthetic to your kitchen. Rubber floors come in a variety of colors and textures that can be used to complement your remodeled kitchen's design. If you are looking for flooring that is practical, durable, and beautiful, then rubber might be your best option.
New flooring is a major component of any kitchen remodel. You want to invest in flooring materials that will add to the aesthetic of your new kitchen, yet be durable enough to withstand the test of time. Bamboo, parquet, and rubber are all unique flooring options that will easily meet your needs in the kitchen.
Contact Carolina Quality Flooring & Cabinets for more information on unique flooring options that will enhance the beauty and function of your remodeled kitchen. We can help you find the right material for your remodel.