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3 Flooring Solutions for a Cottage-Style Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom in New Luxury Home
Whether you need to make updates before selling your home or you just want to change up the style and improve function, remodeling your master bathroom will be a great investment for your home.
With options ranging from modern and contemporary to rustic farmhouse, deciding on a style and overall feel of your master bath can be overwhelming. The traditional elements of a cottage-style bathroom offer a casual and airy feel that will stand the test of time.
If you are hoping to turn an ordinary space into a beautiful and classic bathroom reminiscent of an old cottage, help is available. This guide and a professional's help will offer some flooring suggestions suited to your cottage-style master bathroom.

1. Woodvv

One of the most common misconceptions homeowners have is that hardwood flooring cannot be installed in a bathroom.
It is true that moisture and humidity is an issue in bathrooms. Therefore, wood materials are at risk of warping and decay over time because of the high moisture content. However, if you select the right wood and the right finish, hardwood floors can be a beautiful and valuable addition to your cottage-style master bathroom.
When selecting the wood for your bathroom floor, avoid soft woods, such as pine and fir. Because they are less dense, these woods will absorb more moisture. Hardwoods, such as walnut, hickory, cherry, oak, cedar, maple, and teak are best.  
A high-quality finish is key to protecting your wood floors in the bathroom. Using a polyurethane sealant reduces the risk of moisture penetrating the wood. To align with the rustic and comfortable feel of your cottage bathroom, opt for a clear sealant that allows the natural grains of the wood to show through.

2. Faux Wood 

If you want the rustic look of wood without any worry of moisture damage, consider faux wood ceramic tile. Manufactured out of ceramic and created to look like actual wood planks, the tile offers an attractive and durable solution for your cottage-style bathroom.
One of the most surprising features of faux wood tile is that it is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color options, allowing you to create the bathroom floors of your dreams.
Longer tile planks in a whitewashed grey wood adds a distressed quality that will complement your cottage bathroom. If you prefer a more traditional look, consider ceramic tiles that resemble reclaimed barn wood. 
Another benefit of using faux wood ceramic tile in your bathroom is that it easier to clean and maintain, especially when compared to traditional hardwoods. You'll still have to mop faux wood flooring, but the risk of dings and scratches is lower and refinishing is unnecessary.

3. Ceramic Tile

You can also use traditional ceramic tile in your master bathroom. Deciding what size, shape, and color of tiles to use on your floors can be a bit overwhelming due to the enormous options available.
Many people opt for a lighter floor in a cottage-style space. White tiles with checkered accents in black provide a classic look for your cottage bathroom, but this appealing design will also work well with other decorative styles.
For a more luxurious feel, opt for larger ceramic tiles in a bisque or cream background with marbling accents. If your bathroom needs a bit of color, consider white tiles with mosaic designs using glass accent tiles in green, blue, or purple.
There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing flooring for your cottage-style master bathroom. The key is to choose what you love. For more information on flooring options or to get started designing your bathroom floors, contact Carolina Quality Flooring & Cabinets.